Friends of life

The first years are decisive
in human life.

AMI - Friends of Life

The first few years are decisive in human life.

Friends of Life "Foundation, AMI, is an organization that contributes to create conditions of respect for the vital processes of human development. We emphasize the child's ability to build himself or herself and the adult's ability to change his or her attitude and give the child the opportunity to build a solid foundation in his or her life.

We offer society a concrete reference point for an adequate treatment of the child in daily life, a reflection and a contribution to the research on Early Childhood. AMI's main activities are the direction and support of the "Casa de los Niños" project, the AMI Solidaridad project and the AMI Cine Teatro project.

La Casa de los Niños "is a house carefully prepared to welcome children from 0 to 4 years old, in daily care and families with their children from the poorest and most needy strata of our society. It is an atmosphere of calm and security where they are respected, accepted and loved.

The Children's Home

The AMI Foundation, located in Cotacachi, consists of a temporary foster care environment for families and children...

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AMI in the World

Activities and workshops organized by the AMI Foundation or in which we have participated worldwide...

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AMI Cinema Theater

The AMI Foundation considers as an important axis of development to provide activities for the promotion and access to...

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The Children's Home

This project of the AMI Foundation, located on an agricultural farm in Cotacachi, 100 km north of Quito, Ecuador, consists of a temporary care environment for children aged 0 to 4 years in a situation of extreme vulnerability during a family crisis. Relatives of the children are therefore also key players in this work.

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Theoretical Foundations

In our daily activities with children, we are guided by a set of practices consisting of different research and studies. These show the importance of respecting the laws of nature making our existence possible as a unique species of beings. The act of living is defined in the interaction of the organism with its environment.

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What makes AMI Foundation different? Our work is guided by these principles: 1) To attend to people without judgments of value, without conditioning or pressure. 2) To favor the satisfaction of the sensory, motor and affective needs of the child. 3) Maintain a prepared and relaxed environment for the recovery of the child's health and joie de vivre.

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Friends of the Foundation

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